Broughton Bay and Whiteford Burrows Walk

P1000953Our first sight of Broughton Bay through the sand dunes!

On one of those warm sunny, balmy days in June we take the car from Redcliffe and head for Broughton Bay and Whiteford Burrows which are the most northernly of the beaches on the Gower peninsular. Research had told us that both Broughton Bay and the adjoining Whiteford Sands cover an area of over two miles! Will it compare with Rhossili in size and be just as spectacular? With this thought in mind we journey the Gower country roads and within 20 minutes pass the magnifciant Weobly Castle.  A further 10 minutes sees us parking up in a field alongside??? camping ground. We resist the temptation to stop for coffee at  The Gower Pantry cafe ( well actually I do, Hugh is already half way down the dusty lane and fast approaching the sand dunes and the beach beyond! With the glimpse of the sea ahead it did look inviting I soon caught him up!!   P1000951-003

Hugh, a familar stance waiting for me to catch up!

Wild flowers in abundance along the way – I noticed them! Just a short, easy walk to the beach.

  P1000954   The sand is hot under foot! Once on the beach I look to the left and here is Broughton Bay!  A small stream gives endless pleasure to a family constructing endless damns. A hopeless task, I think ! The tide is out which makes the sand appear to stretch endlessly to the edge of the water. The expanse of the bay is breathtaking with its glorious soft golden sands. Although the beaches do not have a cliff view wow factor like Rhossili there is something quite unique and wonderful about this place. We turn right towards Whitford Burrows and soon pass the jagged rock named Pressen’s Tor which attempts to divide the two beaches. I look at the distance we must  walk to arrive at Whiteford point imagining that this beach could never get too crowded. We journey on and see sand dunes to the right, peppered with rows of pine trees and to our left the Lougher estuary. Along the way we pass Whiteford lighthouse.   P1000970-001

Whiteford lighthouse is thought to be the only remaining sea washed iron lighthouse in the British Isles

 As we near the point there appears to be a pool of water left behind 400 by the receeding tide. On close inspection the further part of the “pool” is attatched to the estuary! Getting closer we see fishermen on a sandbank almost surrounded by water. The fact that they come in a beach buggies really emphasises the size of the beach!   P1000959-002

Two fishermen on the sea bank, soon the bank will disappear with the incoming tide.

I make it to Whiteford Point and am rewarded by the most stunning views across the estuary. The hazy heat blurrs my vision but there before me is the Llanelli coastline in all its beauty. Burryport is to its left and then the massive expanse of Pembrey Beach. P1000982

It takes us one and a half hours to walk the stretch of sands back to the sand dunes entrance

. Sahara desert springs to mind being surrounded by such an expanse of sand! But it is flat, a very hot day but thankfully not that hot! Once through the sand dunes we head back along the dusty track and possible a longed for cup of coffee at the entrance cafe. But Hugh has other ideas as we head back into the car!   P1000989

We stop off at The Britannia Inn close by for a long cool drink. It is boiling hot day after all!

It is approxiametely 15 miles from the Redcliffe apartments to Broughton Beach and Whiteford Burrows and takes about 30 minutes by car.

Leaving Redcliffe apartments turn left at the top of the drive and left again at the t junction which leads into the village of Bishopston. Keep on this road which takes you out of the village and turn left again. Approaching Kittle bear right just before the Beaufort Arms. Continue along this road

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