Walk Caswell Bay to Langland Bay

Tide’s out!
The tide is out, the weather’s fine, just left the apartment to take a stroll across the bay. Within a couple of minutes the sight of the Surfside cafe is there to tempt me. Maybe a little too soon to take that cup of coffee but ample choice once reaching Langland. The coastal path is directly behind the café. I resist temptation and set off briskly along the path which has a good walking surface; is fairly flat and has just one climb at the headland bend. A chance to catch my breath and take in that glorious view of Pwll Du bay behind me. View from Caswell headland to Pwll Du As I continue along this coastal path it is here I might catch sight of a grey seal bobbing up and down in the water. P1020556 Shags, cormorants and yellowhammers are also a common sight. It seems at every viewpoint there is a convenient bench to rest or take in the beauty of my surroundings. The path can be alive with gorse, which when in full flower has the most wonderful aroma resembling that of coconut. Wildflowers grow in abundance. There are honeysuckle, clematis, orchids, sea pinks, heathers, scabious and many others depending on the season. Before long the path turns sharply to the left and here I catch my first glance of Langland!     A  magnificent sight, with those famous green beach huts lining the beach so elegantly. Tucked between them is Langland’s Brassiere, a  restaurant cum wine bar. In a truly spectacular setting, it beckons its walkers to take a beverage. But there is also the beach café, which sits comfortably on Langland Bay’s pebbles serving wonderful coffee, snacks and cakes. View from Langland headland to Caswell Bay Beyond, is Rotherslade, just a short walk away. A small sheltered bay having its own café with tables and chairs spilling out onto its patio which servers a great fry-up. It will take me approximately forty-five minutes to get to this point. View from Langland to Rotherslade Having decided to make it a circular walk I turn left into Rotherslade Rd. I continue walking up this hill for about three hundred metres where I take a left into Southward Lane. Walking for about half a mile I continue down the hill that will lead me back to Caswell Bay. The tide allows me to walk across the sands, I feel both tired and relaxed. I look forward to returning to the comfort of the apartment. I  could have taken the coastal path back and repeated the experience of what essentially is one of life’s simple pleasures – to become as one with nature. Next time, maybe. Taking this route you should allow approximately two hours stopping off for a coffee of course!

How do you walk it?

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