Enjoy Three Cliffs Bay, and take a walk on the Wild Side

Flickr image credit @ mid/high tide

Three Cliffs Bay has a certain mystery about it and plenty of history too. Why? Perhaps it’s the small river meandering down the valley onto the bay and towards the legendary three cliffs, which is where it gets its name. Or maybe (for me) it’s the uncanny resemblance to one of my favourite childhood movies, ‘the Goonies’ and Goonies Rock! Or it could be the closeness to Pennard Castle where stories of fairies date back to the 12th century. You might even be lucky enough to spy a horse roaming on by.

Whichever it is, it’s a personal favourite of mine and one of the UK’s and maybe the World’s most admired beach views .  Featured on BBC’s ‘Holidays at Home’, Three Cliffs was announced as ‘Britain’s best beach’ and it has also won accolades as ‘Britain’s best view’.  It’s not hard to see why…


Flickr image credit @ low tide

The playful sand dunes meet a river where you can hop across over well places pebbles and stones. It’s not the easiest place to park and you will have some walking to do but the view is seriously worth it. Want more reasons to go? Well here are a few other incentives:

Pennard Castle

Pennard castle is dramatic and beautiful, the perfect place to start in admiring Three Cliffs Bay and the surrounding area.


Flickr image credit – view from Three Cliffs Bay to Pennard Castle Valley (castle top right)

Rock Climbing

We hear it's good for rock climbing too:


Flickr image credit


Often overlooked as a surfing break, Three Cliffs Bay needs a decent sized swell and works best at high tide. SurfWales.com provide more info on the surfing conditions and how to get Three Cliffs.


SurfWales.com image credit

Further reading on Three Cliffs Walks can be found by logging on to the Times Online.


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